BOG WALK    -  experience something unique!

A 30 minute drive from Pärnu takes you to the bog-area where you can spend time hiking up to 2 km on a study trail.
If you`re a good swimmer, be prepared for unforgettable swimming in the bog-pool!
In addition you`ll be
  • exploring typical bog plants
  • taking amazing nature photos
  • listening beautiful bird songs
  • enjoying a stylish bog picnic 
The price for the 4-hour guided tour is 39 euros per person; you can pay on the spot in cash. 
Special rates for the groups!

THE COUNTRYSIDE AND ISLANDS - here`s so much to see and do:

  • Soomaa Natural Park and surrounding areas
  • Farm museum and Farmer`s SPA
  • Herb garden and fresh seasonal food
  • Kihnu and Manija islands
Let us know your interests and preferences, we`ll offer you the best holiday!


Short walking tour introducing the most attractive sights of Pärnu is combined with 2 tasting stops and is followed by delicious meal in one of the best cafes of the city. 
The price for the 3,5 hour tour is 49 euros per person.


Spend a relaxing summer day in Pärnu - a small, romantic resort by the sea, which has been awarded the title of the Summer Capital of Estonia.
  • City tour – the walk is arranged to the most attractive places in the city centre and beach area while telling memorable stories about Pärnu and its citizen. The program also includes a surprise!
  • Get a true taste of the local food culture and enjoy a delicious lunch at a cafe.
  • A short bog walk - we will drive to the bog to spend a few hours hiking and enjoying a stylish bog picnic, much worth the experience and surely, anyone will manage it.
The price of the 8-hour program is 69 euros per person; you can pay on the spot in cash before the start of the tour.

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