Join the celebration of International Bog Day!

Bog walks on Saturday, July 26 at 6pm and Sunday, July 27 at 10am.

International Bog Day is the 4th Sunday of July. Established in Scotland in 1991, it is celebrated throughout northern Europe, Canada and USA. 

Bogs are peatlands of the north country. Around the world, these amazing ecosystems host bizzare plants. A visitor to bogs will notice the ground move underfoot and even the trees shaking with one's steps; thus the term "quaking bog." For centuries bogs have provided peat for fuel, and revealed preserved human remains dating over 2,000 years old. Today few bogs remain undisturbed in the United Kingdom and northern Europe.

Join the celebration!

Saturday, July 26 at 6pm or Sunday, July 27 at 10am.

We`ll drive 30 km from Pärnu to spend time walking up to 2 km on study trail, exploring for typical bog plants, taking amazing nature photos and enjoying a stylish bog picnic. 

If you`re a good swimmer, be prepared for unforgettable swimming in the bog-pool!

Bog pool water is grimly brownish because of humid acids. Bog water is acidic, contains plenty of organic and little of mineral substances, thanks to which it is one of the purest waters in nature.

The price of the 4 hour tour is 35 euros per person. 

Bookings: call +372 5266336 or e-mail

Book at least by 12:00 on Saturday, July 26.

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